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    Slingbox 500 networking requirements without UPnP



      I am looking for exact networking requirements for Slingox 500 setup in a private network where UPnP is not an option.

      Without having to do packet capture and reverse engineering, just an exact requirements if someone knows them.

      I have heard that Slingox 500 also supports TCP and even UDP (new?!) port forwarding.

      This question is a direct consequence of the fact that I was only able to activate my new Slingbox 500 using UPnP with the "single router" environment.

      I need to move to "two router" environment and of course without UPnP.

      In my setup I could technically use NAT traversal on the second router but this is not an option due to strict networking rules I must follow (just google "DEFCON 19" or "UPnP exploit" and you will understand why).

      Older Slingbox types work without any problems in "two router" environment with simple TCP port forwarding or how we call it in networking terminology NAT configurations.

      So let me try to be more specific and explain what kind of information is needed.

      - setup with 2 routers is needed

      - first one is a DSL/FTTH router that supports TCP/UDP port forwarding (NAT)

      - second router is a professional UTM that supports almost anything that a hardcore networking expert would ever need, including the NAT or complex multicasting/IP helper configurations

      - second router is connected to a first router LAN using a WAN interface, both are of course GE

      - Slingbox 500 is connected to the second router, let us say to any directly connected LAN

      - Slingbox 500 is given a factory reset, it boots, it gets a valid private IP by DHCP (not by AutoIP RFC 3927)

      - the User goes for "Connect via Ethernet" wizard using remote control

      - after Slingbox gets the IP I assume that it will run SSDP discovery

      - so now we come to the main point, the second router must ignore (drop) UPnP discovery (multicast) packets to force port forwarding configuration fallback?

      - what happens next with Slingbox 500 workmanager, how long it will retry SSDP discovery?

      - when it will stop to discover UPnP and try if the port forwarding is possible?

      - TCP port forwarding or UDP, how this logic works, which one will be the first one?

      - what is the exact requirement for the NAT, does it have to be any port same or above port 5201?

      - if only UDP NAT is configured can Slingbox use it?

      - and last questions, if an already configured Slingbox is moved to another segment/subnet is a factory reset a must for the new proper port forwarding discovery?

      Thanks in advance for any feedback.