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    Problems with AirPlay


      I am having the same issue as described in this post. AirPlay does not work on my iphone 5 or my 3rd generation ipad when attempting to stream to my 3rd gen Apple TV.  I have a brand new slingbox 500 and the software on all my apple products is the latest version. This is obviously a widespread issue that needs to be addressed.   Update:  after a few more attempts the AirPlay feature is working. The image, however, appears to be in letterbox format that compresses the image vertically.

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          Hello Ssunbrn,


          Thank you for participating in our Answers Forums! I branched off your question because with your particular issue it's in regards to the generation 3 Apple TV you are using. When using Apple TV to stream from the Slingbox via Airplay, currently generation 1 is the only Apple TV generation supported. Please check out the link below for more information:



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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              This is a laughably inaccurate and misleading response.


              The post, and the thread it has for some bizarre reason been branched from concerns issues using the Airplay functionality of second or third generation Apple TVs (which I have also experienced). Apple TV 1 doesn't support Airplay.


              The article you link to concerns how to setup your Slingbox so that it controls a first generation Apple TV, which is something entirely different to that being discussed.


              Archie34, are you an automated bot?