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    Got an LG Nexus 4. SlingPlayer won't work now..


      So I recently went from an Amaze 4G from T-Mobile and used the app with no issues at all. Now, I've upgraded phones to the LG Google Nexus 4 and transferred all my Apps over and now SlingPlayer won't work.


      I did some research and found that this App uses Flash to help process the video. The phone, unfortunately, did not come equipped with Flash, but I did install the .APK manually.  Flash now works on my browser, but it will still not work with SlingPlayer. The SlingPlayer turns on and there is audio and the controls are there and I can change the channel, but there is no picture. At the beginning (before turning on my DirecTV receiver), it shows the blue screen that says "Weak or No Signal", then I turn it on. Again, all the controls and audio are there, but just no picture.


      As far as I've read, the newer versions of Android (4.1+) will NOT come with flash due to them cutting Adobe Flash support. Am I out of luck here? Is there a new version in the works to fix this issues since the new wave of Android phone will NOT have flash? Is there a work-around? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I definitely don't want to be left out..


      Thanks in advanced,