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    Slingbox Tech Support - PLEASE READ AND RESPOND!!! (3rd Party Device Issues)




      I've posted several times about the issues with 3rd party devices connecting or staying connected to my Slingbox 350.  I've tried both the WDTV and the Sony NSZ-GS7 box.  Both devices connect to my internet fine, but when they get to the "Connect to slingbox" screen, they time out about 90% of the time.  When they do connect, they freeze within a few seconds, rendering the stream useless.


      It seems that nobody from Sling is responding in the forums to this issue, even though others have described similar problems.  I know that my Slingbox and internet connection are fine, because I can connect and stream in HD without a problem using my Ipad, PC, and Android phone - all of which share my Android's 4G internet. 


      If Sling is going to advocate for these 3rd party devices on their web page, then they should also be willing to acknowledge there is a problem and help try to solve it.  So, Sling Tech Support, can you please help explain why the Sony NSZ-GS7 cannot hold a connection?  And why the WDTV has the exact same issue?


      Here's a related post where several people spoke about various 3rd party device issues.  It went unanswered by Sling, but we would really appreciate a response:



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          Hello Aaronho,


          I do apologize that no one has responded to your posts. Currently the Sony NSZ-GS7 is not a compatible Connected Device with our Slingplayer but with the WD TV it should be working. Just to clarify what is taking place with the WD TV please respond to the questions below:


          • Does it connect to Slingbox and then freeze or does it not allow you to connect?
          • You are able to connect with your iPad, PC and Android Phone with other applications on the WD TV?
          • Are you hardwired to the router with both the WD TV and the Slingbox or are you using a Wireless Bridge/Slinglinks?


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team