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    slingplayer 2.0 and slingbox 500


      Just got the slingbox 500 yesterday and it was a pain to setup ended up disconnecting the HDMI altogether to get it to configure. Have it hooked up to the NEW Genie by directtv. But persistance and alot of patience paid off as usual.

      I have tried to use slingplayer on my lap top but it tells me my device is not supported. Does this mean that the only way to access my slingbox via internet is to use the web app?  I really like the slingplayer it works alot better than the web app.

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          doitt2 Newbie

          Yes, that is the unfortunate reality. I would really like to hear from a product manager what the reasoning is for this decision. Most browsers, except Chrome, manage memory poorly and need to be restarted after much usage to recover the memory. And the iPad design is so much better than the browser experience. There is a native client for so many different devices, except for the most commonly used one--the lowly desktop. It would be like asking iPad users to use Safari to watch their slingbox instead of an IOS app.