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    Can Sling Player automatically turn box off?

    telekaster Newbie

      I just got my Slingbox 350 in the mail about a half hour ago. Setup was easy and I have installed Sling Player on our two iPads.


      I know you can use the remote to turn the box on or off, but I would especially like Sling Player to automatically turn the box off when I either exit the App or disconnect. Is this possible?


      The reason I'm asking is that the Sling box is connected to my main home theater with a single tuner DVR box. If Sling player leaves the box 'on' when I exit, then it messes up the sequence of my Harmony remote when watching TV. The Harmony remote will think the box is 'off' since that's the last thing it remembers. If somebody presses "watch TV" on the home theater remote, it will end up turning the TV 'on', the Audio/Video receiver 'on', and then the cable box 'off'.


      Besides reconfiguring my home theater to leave the box 'on' at all times, can I do what I asked? Thanks!