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    Slingbox SOLO


      A friend as a beta tester was giving the latest HD Slingbox... so he gave me his older Slingbox solo.


      I love it, but sadly, it doesnt understand my "Magnavox Digital to Analog" converter.  While this has pushed me into thinking about getting cable finall, I have not.  Where I live offeres TONS of channels for free over the air (being a major metro).


      So what are my options? I tried every "code" withing the Magnavox (and after some reading) Philips as well.


      Not sure what the newer slingboxes used, but can I use "newer" software aside from legacy, which might have my newer "codes" or am I stuck.


      While I want to get cable so I can view remotely, I'm not sure how dated the "legacy" desktop software or the Solo is, if it will understand my newered cable box.


      I'm usually an early adopter, so if this pans out will probably spring for the HD "newer" edition.  But for now feel like I'm kinda screwed, as there is no way to "train the box based on remote" feature, and my box isn't listed.


      -Joshua Shriver