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    Slingbox Pro HD and DirecTV Genie service


      Thinking about switching from Time Warner cable to DirecTV Genie.  Has anyone done this?  How would the Slingbox device hook up to a Geenie setup?  I think that Geneie allows more than one TV to watch different content (live and recorded).  I have a setup where I now have my own DVR and can control it without effectng what others iin the house watch since it is attached to my own TV.  If I would switch to Genie, how would that work?  How would I be able to tune in Slingbox to watch my own source (eilted on the shared DVR) on live TV wiothjout effecting what others are watching on the TV attcahed to the Genie DVR?


      Any help from others that have Genie and Slingbox Pro HD would be appreciated.  How do you watch content streamed over the net through the Slingbox without effecting what others may be watching on the TV attached to the Genie hub?  Is there a way to attach Slingbox to a TV that is not the 'main' one (ie I want to watch TV on a remote TV--the one NOT attached to the Geneie head unit)?