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    Can't pause to buffer on iPad?


      The Internet speed at my parents' house where I spend about 1 week a month is useable but not optimal.  On my pc, I can pause the playback stream (not the pause button on the DVR remote) to allow the video to buffer and it works fine.  On the iPad however, I don't seem to have that option.  The pause button on the bottom of the screen pauses the DVR (same as pressing pause on the remote) which doesn't allow the stream to buffer.  Am I missing how to do this?  I have an HD Pro and an iPad 1 and iPad 2.

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          I'm almost in the same boat. The Mac OS player doesn't buffer either while the PC player does. I used that buffer religiously when overseas due to slow internet but when I changed to a Mac laptop lost that ability and about 60% of usage.


          I'm now looking at using slingbox with my iPad Mini so I came to do some research and have found this issue to be very important. Why hasn't Slingbox answered when this question was asked back in November?