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    slingbox solo needs the name of a good workable tablet


      I currently use windows laptops to connect to slingbox solo. I can  barely understand technical jargon in these forums. I know what I have works good enough and only wish to  buy a tablet that will work relatively easily and connect to my Sling solo. I don't need hd, and I don't need phone connectivity at all. I just want to use a tablet 7 to 9 inch when a wifi signal is available. I probably can get help installing software if needed. Currently I have my install info on a thumbdrive and I have successfully installed it on a windows laptop myself. I doubt if installing Sling on a tablet will be that easy but I just want to purchase something that already works well and gets strong wifi. Of course if there are other functions on the tablet, great. Use of  sling is my first priority. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Keep it simple. I am not at all technical.


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          Hello parkdale1,


          I definitely understand where some of the technical "language" throughout the forums can be confusing, so let me just clear up any questions you may have regarding Slingplayer for Tablets. Any tablet is supported with our Slingplayer. The only thing you would need to do is install the Slingplayer software from the app store of the tablet you are using. You can view the Slingbox from the Slingplayer application via WiFi, 3G or 4G. The Slingplayer application can be purchased for a one time fee of $14.99 through the app store of the tablet you are using. What type of tablet are you using? (i.e. Android, iPad, Kindle etc)


          Hope this helps!

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Archie, thanks so much for a response. I think the slingbox support is excellent, particularly when something isn't working right and the call desk takes over my computer. Well, I have the advantage of not actually having any product now. I am planning on making a purchase and can tailor my purchase on the exact make and model that we all know will work seamlessly.


              I am a little skeptical about just buying something unless it gets the full blessing from someone like yourself. Otherwise, there are pages of forums with problems people seem to have trying to get various misc products, operating systems, and makes and models to work with Slingbox. Since most forums only seem to chime in because something isn't working, I got a pretty bleak picture of how sketchy some of these slingbox attempts seem to be and how much trouble these technical types are having.


              You can imagine how overwhelming it seems to me to make a purchase in the dark and hope I don't become one of the many that seem to have trouble. As for the standard installation, I am amazed at how easy it has been for me. (disclaimer, I have made sure your techs helped me by taking over my laptop to guide proper directions. I am totally cold on the addresses etc. I don't know if I can get the same type of help with the software you discussed.)


              Thanks again. I am 69 and many of these details have passed me by. I have to depend on an occasional visit from a guy (I.T. guy) who charges an arm and a leg, I may use geek squad at best buy and just buy everything from them.  I still would like your opinion as to a robust device, version etc that will help assure me "slingbox solo success". I actually have 3 solos with my 2 dvr's and 1 regular digital cable device.  I appreciate your help and advise. I will make the purchase as a Christmas present to myself.


              Thanks again.

              Parkdale1 (aka George Gemming)