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    Connection Timed Out (code 10003)


      Hello everyone,


      Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was able to connect to my Slingbox 350 via the Slingplayer app on my Boxee Box without issue. At one point though, after a power outage at home, I was unable to connect via the boxee box (I didn't try the web player at that time, for whatever reason).  Even after power was restored, I couldn't connect.. so I ended up going back home, powering off and powering back on the slingbox, and then I confirmed I could watch it over the web without issue. When I got back to my apartment and tried, I was still getting the "Connection timed out" message.


      A few days later I tried troubleshooting the setup again at home, and this time I set a static IP for the slingbox based on it's mac address (I'm using an Airport Extreme, if it matters).  I rebooted the slingbox and confirmed it's IP was still the same, but noticed that the port seemed to change after the reboot.  To try and address this, I added a port forwarding rule for the port it currently had (5217) to it's internal, static IP ( After another reboot, it seemed to stick with that IP and port.


      I got back to my apartment and then tried connecting via the Slingplayer app on Boxee Box, but continued to receive the "Connection timed out" message after it reaches the "Starting streaming..." part of the process. So, as a test (although I'm not sure how valid), I tried to telnet into the external IP shown on the "Network Details" section of the newwatch.slingbox.com site via my laptop at my apartment where my Boxee Box is:


      Andrews-MacBook-Pro:~ andrewbeno$ telnet 76.xx.xx.xx 5217

      Trying 76.xx.xx.xx...

      Connected to c-76-98-5-63.hsd1.nj.comcast.net.

      Escape character is '^]'.


      I was able to connect without issue, which is why I'm now thoroughly confused.  If my laptop can connect to that IP/port, why am I having trouble?  Also, what's even more confusing to me is why it was working OOTB for about a week until we lost power at home, and ever since I've been able to connect.


      Does anyone out there have any suggestions?  I would love to get this working again, just not sure how to proceed in troubleshooting.






      More info:


      • Boxee Box SlingPlayer App Version: 1.3
      • Model:Slingbox 350
      • A/V Device Support:World Wide Support
      • Firmware Version:1.0.52
      • Hardware Version:1.1.0
      • Public IP Address:76.xx.xx.xx
      • Home IP Address:
      • Network Port:5217
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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Have you tried factory-resetting the Slingbox?


          I think that would be my next thing to try, though I don't know why it should just stop working like that.


          Delete all the port forwards, factory reset and start again.


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              Hey Ov,


              I removed the port forwarding, gave it a factory reset, and went through the OOTB setup process. The network settings show that it's back to using port 5201.  I will be back at my apartment tomorrow to test it out.. hoping it did the trick! Thanks for the tip!



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                  After doing the steps I mentioned in the previous post, I got back to my apartment yesterday and everything was working great!  I had it running for an hour or so, however when finished I ended up just powering off the TV (not exiting out of the Slingplayer app).  When I turned the TV back on this morning, the Slingplayer app was on screen and the image was frozen.  I couldn't bring up the UI for the controls, nor exit out of the app by hitting the menu button on the remote.  I ended up manually powering off/on the Boxee Box and went back into the Slingplayer app.  I'm now unfortunately back to getting the "Connection timed out" message. I can still watch it over the web just fine, and the IP and Port didn't change as far as I can tell from the network details.. so I'm back in the same predicament I was in earlier it appears.


                  I may give Boxee support a call during the week and see if there's anything they can do to help troubleshoot.. not sure what else to try aside from another reset.

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                      One thing I noticed just now is that if I go to http://newwatch.slingbox.com and then hover over the "My Slingbox" menu, it shows the Network Status for LAN as OFF?  See attached screenshot.  It could be nothing, and I'm not sure what it normally shows, but you think it'd be ON


                      Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 12.09.12 PM.png

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                          OvCollyer Apprentice

                          What happens if you simply power off and on your Slingbox? Maybe also do the same with your router too (do the router first, then the Slingbox).


                          Does that help or does it need another full reset?


                          In the more distant past I've had issues where Slingboxes have needed a reboot, so since then I've stuck it on a simple mains timer so it goes off for a few hours overnight and then powers on later. I figured it would get a chance to cool down and reset itself.


                          No idea if that would help, but if a power cycle were to work in this case then maybe it's be worth thinking about.


                          Not sure of the significance of the LAN off thing in the web player, I think I've seen the same actually and not really paid any attention to it.


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                    I am in Manila, my slingbox lives in Canada. Until this morning, my boxee worked perfectly.


                    I can connect to the slingbox using my ipad and/or my imac....(actually airplaying to my apple tv now, but less than optimal!).


                    However, I time out when trying to connect on boxee....


                    As I am remote and no one is in the house in Canada right now, is there anybody who knows how to fix this remotely?


                    Have cleared my cache on boxee, reset the slingplayer app etc, nothing seems to work.





                    ps slingbox 500

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                        Unfortunately the only way I've been able to fix that "Connection timed out (code 10003)" issue from Boxee Box to Slingbox is by having someone at the house power off and then back on the Slingbox, but as you pointed out that's not possible in your case. I have yet to contact Slingbox support about the issue, but will do so soon when I'm experiencing the problem.. it happens so frequently now it's getting ridiculous. I'll update this post with whatever feedback I get from them.


                        Wish I had better news for you Kathleen, good luck!