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    Two Issues - Screen image small and Slingbox 500 Quality Terrible


      I just received the Slingbox 500 today and I am having two issues which are driving me insane.


      1. The image, although in fullscreen mode, is NOT full screen. If I zoom in, it cuts off the sides; if I change the Aspect, it only stretches horizontally. What gives? My Solo and Pro-HD didn't have this issue (see attachment).
      2. The quality is absolutely terrible. The attached image is a screenshot of the "Best HD." My bitrate is consistly between 3k and 4k Kbps. As you can see by my Speedtest, both my download and upload speeds are not a bottleneck. I seriously get better quality with my old original Slingbox I purchased 5 years ago. I can confirm the set-up is correct with HDMI and Component. I'm even connected via Ethernet and not WiFi.



      Any clarification is GREATLY appreciated as I see no reason to keep my Slingbox 500 at this point.