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    iPhone 5/iPad - AirPlay vs. AirPlay Mirroring (picture distortion) & HD buffering


      Hi SlingCommunity!


      Before we moved from the U.S. to Germany last year I set up a SlingBox PRO-HD at my in-laws house and we've been watching it on our computers, iPhones (4 and 5) and iPad (1st generation) ever since.


      Just recently I purchased a 3rd generation Apple TV, specifically for the purpose of watching our SlingBox, and I now I'm trying to setup it up with my iPhone 5/iPad. However, I keep running into issues and just can't achieve a satisfactory viewing experience.


      Here are the problems I'm facing...


      1. When using AirPlay on my iPhone 5 the picture output via the Apple TV is such that the picture is squeezed horizontally and I have a big black bar on the top and bottom of the TV screen.

        When I output the picture via AirPlay Mirroring it fills most of the screen (aside from 3 inch or so black bar around the entire picture) but ideally I would prefer the picture output via the Apple TV only.

      2. I have a similar problem with the iPad when using the AirPlay feature, the difference being that the picture is squeezed vertically with a big black bar on the left and right side of the screen.

      3. For some reason HQ playback on both the iPhone and the iPad is almost impossible as the app on both devices keeps buffering endlessly. Interestingly enough this is not the case when viewing via the web app on my MacBook Pro on the same network.

        When I try to switch to SQ playback on either device AirPlay is interrupted on the AppleTV and the picture output returned to the device. After that I'm unable to sucsessfully re-enable AirPlay unless I restart the app.


      So, at this point I haven't been abel to create a pleasent viewing experience and was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what I can do to fix some of the above mentioned issues.


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.