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    Trying to use slingbox 350 with iPad to watch uversewith hdmi converter


      Im trying to use my new sling player 350 to stream AT&T uverse via my iPad using an hdmi converter.


      I have downloaded the iPad app.  I can watch all uverse on my iPad.  However as soon as I plug in the hdmi converter

      To mirror onto my tv, a pop up screen says "this accessory is not supported"


      I'm doing this on my home tv, but wanted to be able to watch on tv on our boat using wifi where there is no cable service.


      Other pass work fine on my Sony, so it's not the tv.


      Does slingbox not allow the mirror of certain apps?  Is this restriction because of the hdmi cable and converter? 


      Would apple tv allow tis to work, or even roku?


      Thanks for the help, this is new to me.

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          Hello nmoreman,


          Thank you for contacting us in regards to the HDMI converter not working with the Slingbox. I do have a couple questions for you in order for me to assist you further:

          • What brand HDMI converter do you have? (Third Party, Apple etc)
          • Is the iPad up to date and running iOS 6?
          • Is the Slingplayer up to date as well?


          With the Slingplayer application we have no restrictions on being able to mirror from the iPad or iPhone to the TV using the adapter or Apple TV. 


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thank yu for answering, I'm me with slingbox, loving it and trying hard to make it work.


              Runs great With AT&T uverse on my iPad, but keep getting An accessory error.  This has also shown on the app tv.now, nothing else.


              It is apple's, good hdmi cord since other apps work.  I'm running iOS 5.1.1 on a iPad 3.


              I presume slingbox is up to date since its the new 350.


              I talked to a tech today (problems with uverse dvr) and he said my firewall might be blocking, he also was not aware of any restrictions.  He told me now to open and allow pin applications through, might help.  I can access but don't know whether to do this, and if so, make an exception for my iPad or my computer which hosts the program.  Would this help and which one.  Can't do both.


              I'm thinking of going to the new Ipad 4 which will also be on iOS 6, wondering if their is really any improvement wifi which could help streaming.  Any opinion on that?  Planning on using in a weaker area.

              And would the apple tv be better than hdmi converter? 


              I'm open to your suggestions to resolve this.


              Thank you and happy thanksgiving.




              sent from my IPad


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