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    Lost of tv channels while using slingbox


      I have HD tv with comcast cable and scientific atlanta top box.  When I connect the  slingbox pro hd, I lose more than half of the channels both on the tv and my remote  computer. The channels not visible on tv are not visible on the computer  Some of the remaining channels will present a lot of artifacts and may eventually disappear from the screens. Others are clear and have the right color on both screens  The cable is connected to the top box ,then component cables go to the input inlets of the slingbox , then component cables go from the outlets of the  slingbox to the tv.   -


      I have Norton now I used to have Mccafee before . In the past the system was working very well. Since then I got Norton And a new top box which is probably from a different company  than the one I had  before.


      I reset the slingbox once and using the set up assistant , I was able to get all informations in without problems including new software. No indications that Norton was blocking anything.  I recheck the connections many times . But no luck ..


      I would appreciate your help.  Thank you