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    Video Output Signal From iPad HQ vs SQ


      When connecting to my Slingbox 500 and conntecting my iPad to a projector I get video on the projector using the "Auto" quality setting.  At times the bandwidth may be limited so I get some buffering delays.  When I switch to standard quality I no longer get an image on the projector at all.  The connection from the iPad to the projector is an Apple HD15 dongle.  Does anyone know why this happens and if there is a work around?  What is the output resolution of the Slingplayer app from an iPad with High Quality vs. Standard Quality? 

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          Hello jeckerman,


          Thank you for contacting us in the forums! Although we haven't tested the Apple HD15 Dongle, I do know with the HDMI converter and Apple TV, you can use the Airplay option to mirror the Slingplayer to the projector. With the Airplay option, if you have the Slingplayer mode set to SQ you will only get audio. It must be set to HQ or AUTO to receive both audio and video. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. I have provided our contact information below:



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