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    Streaming freezes at 200-300 KBPS


      I have several slingcatchers around my house. They are located upstairs, first floor, and in the basement. They all use a linksys wireless N bridge to connect wirelessly to the internet from a linksys N router with a wireless linksys N range extender.(Both located on the first floor no more than 30-40 ft away) Only one slingcather uses slinglinks. The majority of the slingcathers have no issues strreaming video except for the one on the first floor that is closest to the range extender. It usually averages, like the other slingcathers, 1800- 2300 KBPS when streaming. However, it occasionally drops to 200 -300 kbps or lower and causes the video to freeze for a few seconds.


      The troubleshooting steps I have taken is to do a hard reset on the sling catcher on the first floor, made sure the slingcatcher has the latest updates, and I also tried my laptop in the same room to see if I had a week signal strength from the router. The laptop streames with no issues ever when the slingcatcher had intermittent streaming issues.


      Can you provide me with a permanent solution or additional suggestions to permanently resolve the intermittent dropping issues for the slingcatcher?