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    TiVo won't send signal unless HDMI unplugged


      I have a TiVo DVR and the Slingbox ProHD.  The ProHD only has composite RCA jacks to hook up for signal.  With my Slingbox hooked up to the composite cables, and my TV plugged in using the HDMI connection on the TiVo, the TiVo does not provide a signal with the TV turned off and plugged in.  If I want to be able to watch my TV when I'm not at home, I have to remember to unplug the HDMI cable to the TV before I leave the house.  My question is, does anyone know if the new Slingbox 500 with HDMI inputs will eliminate this problem?  If it's daisychained between the TiVo and the TV set?

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I'm not sure but I suspect your box is using HDCP and unfortunately it would appear that the Slingbox 500 cannot deal with a HDCP-protected HDMI input, so you'd still need to connect the analogue cables from the TiVo to the Slingbox - but as you say, this isn't working when HDMI is plugged in.


          Try searching the support section on this site for "HDCP" and there seem to be a few articles relating to the 500:




          Another option would be to ditch HDMI altogether. If your TiVo has component outputs then just use these, and then use the component pass through into the TV. Personally I cannot tell the difference between HDMI and Component for a 1080i/720p broadcast. If you have sufficient upload bandwidth you'll also get a far better picture when viewing your box with a Slingplayer using this method.


          Your TiVo may not have component outputs though, in which case you'd have to buy an HDMI-to-Component converter like the HDFury or another one that can do the conversion from a HDCP-protected source.

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            sojac Newbie

            The problem is related to the HDCP encryption of the HDMI signal.  When your TV is switched on it is detected by TiVo DVR as a  device, which supports HDCP. When the TV is switched off its HDCP  module is also switched off and TiVo DVR recognizes then your TV  as a non-HDCP compliant device. In the result TiVo DVR blocks  the video signal on all its outputs.. It is why  your slingbox does not see any signal from TiVo DVR, when the TV is switched off.


            The problem would not exist if you use an iHDMI cable (iHDMI.eu) instead of the passive HDMI cable.