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    Specifying an IP Port for 350?

    ferguspa Apprentice

      Right now I have both a Slingbox AV and a Slingbox 350.  I have to maintain both because the Slingbox AV allows a manual IP Port to be set which allows it through the work firewall.


      A posting here indicated that the "Features not yet available in the new Watch on Slingbox.com" for the entry for "Internet Viewing setup in Watch on Slingbox.com" used to say "You can no longer use the advanced Internet setup to configure your Slingbox and/or ports" but now it says "If automatic router setup doesn't work, follow the instructions in the article below."  The article says in part "Because Watch on Slingbox.com doesn’t currently support manually setting an IP address and port number..." (italics mine).  The article implies that setting port forwarding is at least somewhat possible, because "...you can [then] use the Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to guide you in configuring your router for Port Forwarding."


      Sling support--is there a plan to return the ability to set the port manually? I see there is at least another planned feature update.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Sorry to bump this, but is this feature on the radar? Any comment from SlingMedia support?

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I don't think you will ever get a reply.  If you read the 'House Rules' for the forum :


              With that in mind, please be sure to follow the house rules below:

              • Be nice. Treat your fellow members with the respect they all deserve.
              • Stay on topic. If you are replying to someone, be sure that your reply is about that (or a similar) topic.
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              • Don't speculate. Discussing unannounced Sling Media products, policies, or procedures is not appropriate.


              I think the last one will stop the Moderators answering your question.

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                  ferguspa Apprentice

                  That's unfortunate.  Appears that if there's movement on this it will come in the same form as the custom remote uploads--the public will only hear about it when it's already been released.  Makes me wish I had had time to tune into the webcast a few weeks back.

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                      OvCollyer Apprentice

                      The web cast mostly seemed to consist of mutual backslapping between the host and the bloke from Sling, with very little useful information coming out of it, IMO.


                      A number of people tried to ask some Qs about some of the issues that are bothering people, myself included, but mostly they weren't answered - though to be fair, they couldn't deal with every request as it probably wasn't the right forum (although given the amount of stuff that gets ignored on these forums, and how generally useless support are when you actually talk to them, I'm not sure if there actually is a 'right' forum).


                      My hope is that even if Sling do not reply much on here that they are reading it and taking the feedback into account for future updates.


                      Certainly bringing back some of the more advanced functionality of the older boxes (manual IPs, ports, etc) would be of use to some people - what happens if someone buys a 350/500 and then later on their ISP or work or whatever blocks port 5201.....they'd be up that there creek.