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    Frequent disconnect Code: 27

    quaningeneva Newbie

      My WD TV Live frequently disconnects from the Slingbox which I am connected to over the Internet.  I always get the same Code: 27 error message.  Anybody else experiencing the same problem?  Is this a bug with the Slingplayer software?

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          yes is there any help coming

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            I've been seeing the same thing.  I called Sling Media today and was told this is a known issue between the slingplayer for connected devices (WD, Boxee, etc) and the 350.  They said the WD box isn't seeing the 350 correctly and is using the worst possible internet streaming method (relay) even though better options are available. 


            I was told it should be resolved with a firmware upgrade, but there is no idea when this will happen. (Hopefully SOON)

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                I have exactly the same issues. Every 6minutes or so the WD tv live looses connection. Slingplayer on the ipad works fine.

                Code 27 every time.

                I have a slingbox pro hd and stream hd. Perfect with the ipad but unusable with the WD TV live.

                Please solve this issue, as it was the whole reason for me to buy the WD tv live in the first place.


                Edit: found this on a different thread:


                UPDATE: Finally, streaming is working great for me using the WD live TV and the Slingbox Pro HD!!! I had previously ignored one important setup step That is required and documented by Sling if you want to stream to a device other than a computer, e.g. an iPhone or iPad. This step is to activate port forwarding of port 5001 to device on the router of the network where your sling box is located. The sling box always has IP address It is a static IP. Port 5001 is apparently used to transfer the data strem from the sling box or is used for its communication.

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                    Hi, one question, where can I do that set up step ? I have problems with the quality of my video and i have 30 Mbps upload, then I think that is not my problem but I can only use with my WD LIVE the option ( GOOD ) for the resolution if I use the BEST HD starts the problems!

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                  I Have the same problem.  Does anybody care? I have a Slingbox 500 and a Slingbox ProHD.  The WD TV Play box constantly disconnects and message HTTP that says slingbox box is not connected to the internet. But I can connect to the slingbox with my computer or iPad.

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                    I'm also have the same problem. I do have a 350 now, and i keeps getting the "code 27"-error. I did not have this problem with PRO-HD or SOLO, but with the 350 I do get the error 25-30 times in a few hours.


                    Please help.

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                      Hi there.


                      To get rid of this problem you have to open some ports on your router where Slingbox is connected. I did open port 5201 for the Slingbox with IP I also ensured that UPNP is enabled. After this everything was working fine, and I haven't had any problemes after this fix.


                      Btw: My Slingbox is located in Country X, and the WD TV in Country Y. As i mentioned I just did the portforwarding in Country X, and nothing in Country Y.

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                          I have a Slingbox 350 and WD Live that are both hard wired on my network.


                          On the WD Live it drops out/blips all over the place and gives me frequent disconnects too.  Totally unusable...


                          On my computer, iPad, any other device, no problems at all.


                          The whole reason for the WD Live was to have a remote control that I could use but not only can't I use it to watch, I can't easily/quickly control either.  Especially lacking is the simple CH+/- you would think would be on the remote.  I have to type in a channel, it sputters while typing/sending the IR and then finally I'll get the channel.  And this is all on my LAN!



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                          yes, after 4 min of connection. works on Ipad and Samsung phone ok.

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                            This is happening to me as well.


                            The connection to the slingbox is OK in the house on the internal network


                            Once it is accessed externally, then it plays for about 4 minutes snd disconnects


                            I wonder it was the last firmware update?



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                                I have the sae problem after doing the latest firmware upgrade. I have a solid picture with  using a  laptop in the same location, but I get the code 27 erro r(and a few times code 25) using a WD Live streaming.


                                Will I get rid of the problem by rolling back the update to an earlier version??

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                                I had the same problem (disconnect every 2-5 minutes). The problem was resolved when I switched to a DocSIS 3 cable modem on the WD TV media player.

                                No guarantees this would solve your problem, but it worked for me.

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                                  Now it's more than 3 weeks ago I - and a lot of other Slingplayer-users - got this problem and still nobody has heard what Slingplayer and Westinghouse are going to do.


                                  Please first tell us: When will it be fixed? and then: Fix it!



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                                    Seems to be working now

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                                      There's a simple, foolproof solution to this problem, but it'll cost you $89 to $92 on Amazon... it's called Roku (or Apple TV). Otherwise, live with it.

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                                          baigahsen1234 Newbie

                                          Apple TV and Roku both uses beaming or airplay over wifi.


                                          1. Airplay over wifi is flaky you cant stream HD over airplay or ruko.

                                          2. The screen ration is also gets messed up when airplay is done on larger screen and one has to have a iphone/ipad for it and it has to be plugged in power all the time.


                                          Above solution is good watching content on mobile devices. But for watching on big screen it sucks. I think having a built in native sling app on apple tv or roku would be ideal solution , it does not seems to happening.


                                          Thats the major reason I got WD for it, since it has a built in app. But it looks like neither sling nor WD cares about the quality of there product and there is no support to resolve this issue.


                                          I think I am going to dump sling for good , may be try XMBC over Apple tv.

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                                              I gave up on WD and bought a Roku 3. Haven’t had screen ratio problems… use a wired connection so no wifi problem.



                                              I do resent having to pay $15 for Slingplayer app for my smartphone (iPhone) but it works.



                                              I can use Roku with Slingplayer  (barely) but my wife can’t … not friendly enough. Looks as if I’ll have to keep two complete cable systems for two homes.

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                                                  I think it's shameful that Sling and WD didn't life a finger to fix this problem that one of them created (probably WD by the looks of it). I don't have access to my slingbox local network in country X as I'm in country Y and it's usually a couple years between being here and going there. Dumping my WD product absolutely for sure. They had their chance.


                                                  Would be nice if someone could youtube a video of exactly how to run the reset up of the Internet viewing (post firmware %@%@#$up) so I could let the hosts of my slingbox Solo watch it and run the resetup.

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                                              wentworth1967 Newbie

                                              I'm in the UK, using a Panasonic TV connected to an external WD Live media device which comes pre-loaded with the Slingbox app to connect remotely to a Slingbox Solo via a 30MB/2MB (download/upload) Virgin media internet connection. The Slingbox is connected to a Virgin Media SuperHub2 via TP Link extenders (data transferred via electrical wiring. Not the ideal set-up but irrelevant to the Error 27 problem I was experiencing. I was also suffering from disconnections after about 5 minutes when watching via the TV, no problems watching via the slingbox app on a Samsung tablet.


                                              Spent about an hour via Live Chat with Slingbox Support a couple of weeks ago who were great and connected to my laptop to diagnose the disconnection issue. Here's what they did, may not solve the issues mentioned above as there may be something specific to everyone's individual set-up but this may help:


                                              1. Make sure you have a static IP address (Mine kept changing)

                                              2. Enable Port Forwarding using 5001. 5900 was also added as a test, it's still enabled so I can't confirm which port is actually the valid one. Suggest you try 5001 initially

                                              3. This next step is key. It's not enough to just enable port forwarding, the Slingbox needs to be configured for internet viewing. Once you have set-up port forwarding go to this website, Slingbox - Country Selector log-in to your slingbox and follow the instructions. The test should go through the steps automatically and if successful the slingbox should be fully configured.

                                              4. I also downgraded the default resolution (video streaming) for the WD device


                                              I've not had any error 27 issues since Slingbox support did the above steps. It's vital that Step 3 is performed and changing the WD resolution has not noticeably impacted the playback quality. If you are trying to run the maximum resolution, the slingbox will try to optimize/compensate for the connection speed which can lead to the disconnections.


                                              My view is that the Error 27 is just one of those generic error codes. Solving it meant making multiple changes, not just one, i.e. port forwarding.


                                              Hopes this helps, it certainly solved my problems, I've not had an Error 27 since.