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    Connect but get no picture


      My slingbox has been working for a while.  Just recently I can connect but get no picture - sound, can change channels etc.


      Any ideas on how to fix this???


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          Having the same problem here. Can connect and watch for a few minutes in Chrome and Firefox but then the screen goes blank. Still displaying the remote control.


          Using a Pro-HD with Win7.


          No problems atl all when connecting via iPad or iPhone so the box is working fine. Problem seems to be with the browser app itself.

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            tcaradonna Novice

            Same problem here. Got a pro-HD, only gets sound, all controls are working but blank screen. 


            What's going on???

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              Hello mjjiaras,


              I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble getting a picture with your Slingbox. In order to assist you better, I have a couple questions in regards to what exactly is happening:

              • How are you streaming with the Slingbox? (i.e. "Watch", Slingplayer application etc)
              • How are you connected with the Slingbox? (component cables, composite, coax etc)
              • If you are streaming through a PC or MAC, have you tried more than one browser?
              • Do you have 2 solid lights on the front of the Slingbox?
              • Have you tried more than one set set of cables, to make sure the video cables haven't gone out?


              Have a great day!


              Thank you,

                The Sling Moderation Team

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                  Hi Archie,


                  I'm an IT professional so we can dispense with a lot of the easy diagnostic tests.


                  The problem is with the Slingbox app for Windows 7 browsers.  I've tried both Chrome and Firefox and get the same result.


                  I am able to connect and watch via iPad, iPhone and also via the embedded website player with the following code:


                  <html><iframe src="http://slingplayer.slingbox.com/embedded/slingplayer.php" frameborder="0" width="768" height="800"></iframe></html>


                  Also, when connected via Chrome or Firefox I am still able to change channels so I am sure it is connected - it's just that the video and audio are out.


                  When I start Slingbox I am able to watch for about two minutes until the screen goes black.  This does not happen with the other platforms I mentioned so I'm sure my Slingbox is set up correctly and is working as it should.


                  Thanks for your assistance on this.

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                    Hey Sling helper,


                    I am on a mac.  i have not changed anything - sling box has worked for 18 months no problem, and I just lost a picture this week.  I can get a picture on my iPad and iPhone so it does not seem to be a problem with the signal.  I have tried on both Safari and seem to be stuck in a loop via firefox and can't get thru so can't tell you regarding the browser other than safari (I used to use safari).  It looks like others are having this problem as well.


                    So does not seem to be a problem with cables or the sling box (2 solid lights). 


                    I appreciate your help.




                    M.J. Jiaras, Psy.D.






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                    tcaradonna Novice

                    I rebooted my Pro-HD (pulled the power cord), and now everything's back to normal.  Both sound and video coming thru no problem.  Not sure if everyone on this thread is having the same problem, but that worked for me.  This is the 1st time I've ever had this problem and I'm a heavy user.


                    I also tried the "http://slingplayer.slingbox.com/embedded/slingplayer.php" link referenced above.  Can someone tell me what that is?  I think it performs even better than the usual watch.slingbox.com.  How is it different than other connections?

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                        I just purchased the Slingbox M1, however, I am only getting audio, no video.  I'm using the supplied, Component Video cable, along with the Stereo audio cable.  I am trying to view on an IPad, also, I am having the same problem when I attempt to watch on my desktop, audio, but no video.  Can anyone assist with this?  I am connecting to a Verizon Fios Arris IPC1100 dvr.  Thanks!

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                          Pulling the power cord and rebooting my slingbox Pro HD worked for me too. I was having the same problem - no picture when running the slingbox desktop app on my windows computers on my home network.  Yet I had full function on the iPad Pro and my android device which were also connected to my home network. Oddly, I tried using my verizon hotspot on the windows computer and could connect to the slingbox with video and sound while on the Verizon hotspot but as soon as I switched back to home network with Cox, no more picture. I found the above post about rebooting the slingbox and decided to try it. Worked great! Back to normal. I wish slingmedia tech support would have suggested that simple fix instead of having try to chase down articles about antivirus problems that did not relate to my problem.

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                              i have the same problem, no video on windows 10 computer, but i have sound and control.  Network is Verizon Fios, but curiously, can get picture AND sound on my wi-fi network with my laptop,also on windows 10.  Tried power down and reboot, but no dice.

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                            Having same issues with my computers, both of them after several weeks of being out of the country and having no issues at all.   Lost my HP first and now my Dell won't connect.  I get a message saying connecting, I see the picture on the computer for a short period and then the slingbox app fails to start up, or when it does, it is simply a black screen.

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                              noticed the reference to Chrome and Firefox so tried explorer and it works