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    SlingPlayer not working on Verizon Wireless


      I've used the SlingPlayer app on my Droid Motorola Bionic for some time. Ever since the operating system upgraded to ICS, it says I have to subscribe with a monthly fee. What the heck is this? I alread,y have the hardware and I paid for the app on my phone, so why do I NOW have to subscribe. Has anyone else run into this and how do you fix it so the app will work as it did before?

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey emitch4231,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that your having an issue with the Slingplayer app on your Verizon phone.


          I do have one question for you regarding your Slingbox, did you purchase this Slingbox, or was it provided for you by someone, such as Dish? 

          We do not charge a monthly fee to watch your Slingbox, so this is something that I believe you will need to contact Verizon about.


          Hope this helps.




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              Thanks for the response, however I am getting nowhere. I e-mailed Verizon and they said it was a Slingbox app issue and I needed to contact you. 


              I do have my own hardware that I purchased (Pro-HD) and it has worked fine for a year until now. It still works over the internet, just not on the phone.


              If I uninstall the app and reinstall it, will Slingbox charge me again? I am thinking that is the first step since I can't even get past the into video to try and adjust the settings.




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                  Verizon on ICS system such as Razor MAX bundles and distributes a build in app called SLINGBOX.  This app will prompt you to pay verizon "mo money" to use, but it is totally unnecessary.  I suspect but I don't know this that perhaps if you subscribe to this app, the data usage is segregated from your normal monthly dataplan, but simply just speculation on my part.


                  Go into manage apps, and disable this piece.

                  Then download from the google store the app you purchased long ago and have used without problems, and continue to use it just as you have.

                  You will get a message from ICS that says "the version of this app is not supported, but you may be able to stream at this time".  More Verizon BS.  It works just fine.


                  Good luck.