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    Where did Customer service go?


      Whas has happened to the support for exixting slingboxex such as the HD PRO?  Tried calling the 800 help line and finally gavw up after waiting in line for 17 minutes.  Can't get any support online either,  Cannot find the download which used to be available to watch from my mac, now i have to watch it from the slingbox site, which sucks.'  The remote that comes up for use with my Motorola DCT 6416, doesnt even have an exit button, so if I bring it up, there it sits, dumb dumbdumb

      Is this a plot to get us to dump our faithful slingboxes and buy the newest model>?


      Really disappointed with the service.

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          i have been a long time slingbox customer, at least two sling boxes a sling catcher, and two treo and two apple mobile version of slingplayer.

          when i used the chat to get some advice i was told


          6:32 PM Keith:

          Yes,  I am here. Sorry about the delay here. Well, I am showing that you are  outside of your one year warranty/ complimentary support period here. We  would need you to call inot our phone support line to process a pay per  incident of 29.99 in order to provide any live technical support here. .'


          THIS WAS AFTER WAITING 15 MINUTES and slow response that showed keith "typing" but nothing added to my chat( are they haveing the techs work more than one issue at a time?)


          at one point sling was very helpful and supporting , with this in mind i reluctantly would purchase a new version of a player.


          but between not supporting their long time customers and not refunding money when requested ( my ipad slingplayer wont work on my "slingplayer pro", it needs "slingplayer pro HD"


          I am afraid sling has gone the way of quickbooks and apple and let profits drive what was once a company known for customer support into an experience in frustration to its (once) Loyal customers


          after having long promoting sling when people ask how i am watching my dvr on my phone,  i will now advise them not to bother with sling


          UPDATE, I am looking at a product called  "Vulkano"  on amaz++