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    Program Guide's "Now" Button


      Following a Slingplayer upgrade (for a Windows Vista PC) in Oct-2012, I find that the program guide's "Now" button fails to refresh the program guide to the current time.  Instead, when the "Now" button is pressed the program guide remains unchanged.


      When first opened, the program guide displays the current time/schedule.


      Have others experienced this discrepancy?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello RichardLisa,


          Thanks for participating in our answers forum community! I understand that you are experiencing an issue while using the program guide within your SlingPlayer and II'll be happy to help you here.


          When changing times/dates the option to return to "Now" appears, and when you click that it restores the date and time to the current date/time. To return to the guide and display the current listings, just click "OK" and this will refresh the guide. I just tested this here in our lab for functionality and it is working properly.


          I also haven't heard any reports of this happening to other users. If the issue persists, I would recommend trying a different browser and even another PC or MAC to isolate the issue.


          Hope this helps!



          The Sling Moderation Team