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    Streaming just stops after a while


      Dear forum members,


      I have a slingbox solo ever since august 2012. So far it alsways worked fine. Now I have the following problem. If i start watchin TV over it, the streaming just stops after about 1min or less. If i de-connect and connect again after it works straight away but again for just a small peroid. I found out that when it stops streaming I can still control my Cable receiver via the slingbox.. Does anybody know what is wrong? I didn't change anything!


      Thanks in advance!

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          I just started having the same problem.  It will stream for 15-30 sec and then lose the connection.  I have tried to do a factory reset and now it asks for an administrator password, which I never had before.

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            Ok I can narrow the problem down. I did everything restarting router slingbox reset slingbox. I found out that in local network or over 3g everythnig works fine but at my location in germany it stops after a while. What can I change there? before it always used to work..


            With kind regards and thanks for the help in advance!

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              Hello timeswa,


              I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles with your Slingbox SOLO. To better assist you I do have a couple questions in regards to what is taking place:

              • Are you streaming through "Watch" or another component (i.e. iPad, Android phone, Kindle Fire etc)
              • Have you tried checking the speeds within your network? (you can do so through www.speedtest.net)
              • Have you tried resetting the Slingbox?
              • If you are streaming through "Watch", have you tried more than one browser?
              • How are you connected?


              Also, please check out the following link for further troubleshooting steps:


              If the same thing is occurring after all troubleshooting has been completed, please contact us for further assistance. (See our contact link below)


              Thank you,

                The Sling Moderation Team

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                  I reset and restarted both my slingbox and router. I tried watching it on an iPad, iPhone, android tablet, windows pc both in player and Internet explorer and on a Mac on the player and safari browser. At the Mac pc and android it just stops and a the iPad and iPhone it keeps on disturbing every minute. The slingbox is connected by cable and as said for now it is only at that location. Which is mainly why I bought it. So a solution will be nice! I tried resetting router and modem at location but that didn't help. So I'm out of idea's but as I said earlier it worked before! The Internet connection is 10mbits down and 2mbits up.

                  Thanks for your help!