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    Where is the "misc" menu on the iPad mini?


      Hello world,


      Can anybody tell me where I can find the "misc" menu on the iPad mini?


      I've tried to find it for half an hour without any success. Another thread concerning the regular iPad says:


      "When you tap the remote you get 5 icons on the top such as KeyPad, Misc, Main & PVR."


      However tapping the remote on the iPad mini does not have any effect, except for the remote being enlarged after double-tapping it.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          That comment relates to the previous version of the iPad app.  The latest version shows a realistic remote.  Unfortunately that means you cannot access any functions that are not associated with any of the buttons.  I have pointed out this shortcoming to Sling, but so far have not had any reaction.  Your only solution is for me to build you a custom remote and map the missing functions to some of the buttons that you don't use.  If you want that (and you don't have aSlingbox 350/500) I need to know the manufacturer and model number.