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    slingplayer bitrate fluctuates a lot


      I used to have a slingbox solo which worked a treat, but unfortunately after years of use, it died. It used to sit pretty stable at 1100kbps when I was watching it. Slingbox in England, watching in Australia.

      As this one died I thought I would upgrade, so I bought the Pro-HD. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get speeds anywhere near what I used to get with the solo. It fluctuates between 300 - 900 then drops and fluctuates between 0 - 300, skipping and freezing etc. Nothing has changed with the internet used at either end etc, it was just a straight swap.


      What's causing this? why can't I get a decent stream anymore?




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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Just a guess:  but with the change to the Pro-HD, are you now attempting to sling shows in HD format where before you were slinging in SD format?  Since HD requires so much more data, could your ISP be now throttling you because you are exceding some data transfer limit over time that they have in place?

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            shaysfn Novice

            Hey robbieshafe,


            I can definitely understand your frustration with the speed issues your having.  I would recommend giving our customer support a call.  I am sure that one of our awesome agents will be able to assist you in getting this resolved.



            The above link explains how to get in touch with our support anywhere in the world.


            Hope this helps and thanks for using our Answers Forum.


            Sling Media Moderation Team