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    My Sling Catchers no longer work


      I have 2 Sling Catchers that used to work fine.  Now, they always get a network error and cannot connect.  Their software is up to date. There have been no changes to the local or remote routers.  My PC running a Sling Player on the same remote network works fine.


      The Slingbox HD is up to date on firmware and hardware. I turned off the firewall.  The port forwarding is the same and is set for TCP/UDP.  I have read all the technical discussions and cannot figure out why my 2 SlingCatchers no longer work.  I have logged on to my home network via LogMeIn and run setup.slingbox.com again on my SlingBox HD.  I have completely reset both my Slingcatchers.  Nothing works.  I am pretty technical on software, routers and networks. Please send a solution.  Has Sling Media stopped supporting the SlingCatchers?  I see they are not longer sold.  Thanks for any help you can provide as I have spent a lot of time on this.  My elderly parents really need to be able to use the SlingCatchers the way they used to work.