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    iPad keeps causing Internet connection to dysfunction


      iPad use results in Internet connection to go down between sling box and bridge/router. When I unplug router and reboot all is fine. But can't use sling player if away from home and unable to reboot.  When I had a lincsys wet210 as router/bridge, sling player would disconnect in about thirty minues and give me a message that Internet connection needed to be checked. Switched to airport express as have airport extreme and mac pro and sling player seemed to work fine but then next day found Internet connection lost to sling box.o  Yet when I used sling box on my computer there was no problem with lost connectivity. And Internet works fine on computer and iPad. Just sling box not connected. Any ideas?

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          Hey teacherkh,


          I get frustrated when I can't watch my Slingbox as well because of a router issue.  I have found that if I do a hard reset on the Slingbox and then go back in and do the configuration all over again, it usually fixes the issue.  For the initial setup of the Slingbox, I would make sure that it is connected directly to the router, that way there is no chance of an interruption of the internet signal.


          Hope this helps.




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              Thanks for your response. I have done a couple of hard resets as well as reloading the Slingplayer app. Switching from the lincsys to the Apple Express did enable me to watch it for a long time finally, but then the next day I got the message indicating I had to reboot the Apple Express. That is fine if you are at home, but the objective is to watch away from home and I can't trust this system.