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    New Slingbox 500


      I just bought a new Sling 500, easy setup, it working well.

      I also have a Sling Catcher since many years ago, but, (what a disappointment!) it doesn't work with the Sling 500.

      It's frustrating when you arrive with your new gadget very enthusiastic, set up everything and then realize that it's not compatible with your current installation, I can't believe it.

      So, in this situation, what is the meaning to buy a Sling 500 if I can access only on a tablet, thru the web or smartphone only?

      How can I view it remotely on a TV screen?

      Thanks for any help.

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          jesse.sling Novice

          Hey rsabella,


            Thank you for using our online forums. Like you said, the SlingCatcher isn't compatible with the 500. However, there are still some ways to get it running on a TV in a remote location. We support a few different connected devices such as the Boxee Box and Apple TV. These devices have the SlingPlayer app installed on the device. That way you can access your Slingbox through one of these connected devices and view it on a TV. There are also certain cables you can attach from your laptop to your TV that will mirror what's on your laptop or mobile device to a television. I hope this helps!


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            jesse.sling Novice

            Hey again,

              Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to generation 1 Apple TVs. They don't necessarily have the application on the device. But you can run the Airplay feature through your iPhone to the Apple TV. Hope that clears things up!




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