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    eXuby DCB-MCRF


      I have an external AV box to bring in Over The Air content from an antenna that I connect to my Slingbox 350.   The box is a very generic receiver that has listed on it eXuby DCB-MCRF (Amazon.com: Digital converter box + RF and RCA Cable For Recording and Viewing Full HD Digital Channels for FREE (Instan…).

      The device works great, and it pushes content to slingbox perfectly, but I'm unable to change the channel with any of the on-screen remotes.   eXuby is obviously not a common brand, but I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a work-around for the remote not working?

      I have posted to the standard "Request for Remote" forum, but it was suggested I start a discussion here as well. (Request for remote control - eXuby DCB-MCRF)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.