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    Error W202


      I have a slingbox pro-HD in the UK connected to a Sky HD box.

      My broadband is virgin 100mb (usually get downloads anywhere from 60-80mbs and uploads up to 9-11 mbs).


      Slingbox was working fine but now I'm getting error W202 whenever I'm viewing from anywhere other than at home.

      When viewing at home, connection speed is anything from 3500 - 4500kbps and I don't get the W202 error.


      So far I've tried to view from the USA, Sweden and Morroco on a mix of wifi/ethernet connections and a variety of speeds.

      In all cases I got connected, the connection speed crept up and worked for about 5 minutes (roughly) before it freezes and I get the W202. Regardless of how good the connection speed was.


      I've tried rebooting the router and resetting the slingbox.

      Neither has fixed the problem.


      My home network setup is a virgin superhub in modem mode feeding an airport express.

      The slingbox is connected via ethernet and a 5 port netgear switcher.


      I've looked at the other posts regarding W202 errors but all point to router/slingbox reboots, both of which I have done.

      I can connect without problem at home on wifi and ethernet so I assume the connection from the slingbox to my network is good.

      It's only when I'm viewing from abroad - which is the reason I got the slingbox!


      Can anyone help?

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey wardmichael,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you keep getting an error code W202.  I have a link to an article that will explain what that error code is.



          I would also recommend that after you do a hard reset, that means holding in the reset button for at least 30-45 seconds, then you would go in and configure your Slingbox at setup.slingbox.com again.  Please make sure that you do the setup for internet viewing and that it goes thru without issue.


          The second link that I sent you explains how to reach our customer support anywhere in the world.  Since your Slingbox is set up in the UK, you would simply call (020) 7294 0157, their hours of operation are 9am to 8pm GMT.


          Hope this helps.




          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              hI there,


              thanks for your email.

              I've done exactly as suggested, however after the reset, when I go to setup my slingbox, it detects the box on my network, then says it needs to update my slingbox software, it starts to download some new software gets quickly to 25% (it's always 25%) and then stops. Then after a few seconds of hanging at 25% it says I have been disconnected because of a poor internet connection.


              I know I don't have a poor internet connection and I've gone through this process several times and it always stops at 25%.


              Any suggestions?

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                  Another update.


                  I went back and tried the setup process a couple more times and I then got a message saying my slingbox software was up to date.

                  Then went through the process where I got the message about setting up my router for viewing on other devices (ie ipad, phone etc).

                  I clicked through, then got the option of selecting my router. I selected from the dropdown Apple and Extreme for Mac. When I clicked for the guide it took me to a slingbox error page saying the page I was looking for doesn't exist.


                  On my home network, my slingbox is working.

                  Internet viewing, it says, is working.

                  It said that before so I guess until I go abroad again next week I won't really know.


                  Will update this post.