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    WATCH streaming video color changes each second

    ACC388531 Newbie

      Recently, I uninstalled the unsupported Slingplayer Desktop software to move toward the WATCH software.  Big mistake on my part.  The Desktop software streamed HD great from my Pro HD box on the same LAN network.


      The WATCH plugin for Chrome (running the latest Chrome Beta 24, but has been going on since Stable Chrome 22) is horrible.  The video is very color-jittery.  The stream is consistent except for the video.  It will go between very dark and normal colors constantly every second swapping between the two.  Also, any movement on the desktop with other apps causes the image to black out and buffer whislt the audio continues to play fine.


      Again, the stream works great to Android devices and Google TV.  Everything is on a gigabit LAN.


      This particular PC is running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.  It has an i7-2670 CPU, 16GB of RAM, NVidia 550M 2GB, etc.


      Sling Support refused to help me since my Slingbox was purchased two years ago.  That would be well and good if this were a Slingbox issue.  But, it seems to be only relevant to the FORCED change to the WATCH web interface which is new for me.


      To recap, Desktop software had perfect HD stream.  WATCH interface has horrible video stream with it alternating from a very dark picture to the normal colors.


      Any help would be great to get the video stream working well.

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          jesse.sling Novice

          Hey ACC388531,


            Thank you for posting on our online forums.  You stated that it works fine via Android devices and GoogleTV. Are you experiencing the same issue when trying to watch on a different computer? Also, have you tried any other browsers on your current computer? (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) What kind of inputs are you using? (Component, Composite, S-Video) You may want to try a different set of cables. Another thing you can try is adjusting the Quality. Does this happen on all modes? (Auto, HD, Minimum) I hope this information helps!


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              ACC388531 Newbie

              I have already attempted this.


              First, the 550M is running the latest Nvidia graphics drivers.

              Second, the video quality choice doesn't matter, but I verified that each mode doesn't help at all.  The quality of the overall broadcast is great and isn't the issue.  However, the image goes dark to normal over and over.  This is the problem.


              The network is a Gigabit network with one switch between the Slingbox and the laptop.  Both are connected using machine pressed Cat 7 cables.


              You can view a recording from my tablet showing the PC's "Watch" stream being very glitchy.  In reality, the glitches are much more pronounced.  However, my camera sensor isn't able to capture it entirely.  So take what you see and multiple it by 4x.