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    Never used audio line in on Classic, only get left channel


      I am a proud owner of a Classic SlingBox and ever since I bought it I had it hooked up to the coax port for streaming basic cable from my local cable provider. I have since moved and now am using it with a DirectTV standard box. The Audio in port only gets the left channel, but if I wiggle the port or take the time to try to get the line in just right I get both. Of course later its back to only having the left channel. I am disappointed that when I am finally using the SlingBox for the first time with an S-Video source with the headphone-RCA audio line in, that the audio port is broken. I even ordered a new IR Blaster that I just received 2 days ago to use this function (since I lost the original due to never needing it because i used the internal coax tuner). I have been a die hard Sling user and hope that somehow Sling would assist me with a repair on the classic, send me another one (don't want a new one I would be happy with a refurbished Classic), or Give me a significant discount on a new one. I am one of the original purchasers of this product and early evangelist, and like to think that I helped get Sling a foothold inthe Sling-er community. Thank you SlingMedia/SlingBox for hearing me out and looking at this (hopefully). Maybe I will hear back from you guys with some positive news. BTW I was DEFINITELY going to buy one of the newer models, though this may making me re-think doing so. Just like a other companies out there, SlingBox should be proud to know that some of the classic SlingBoxes are still out there streaming video.