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      I have Slingbox Pro HD.

      Macbook Pro 10.7.5, Safari 6.0.2. Just updated to pluging. I was hoping this would clear up some disconnect (WS202 - Your Slingbox has disconnected because of a poor internet connection) issues. It has not.


      I doubt that Internet performance is the issue (I am 1Gbps connected to ISP and home connection is 6M down, 1M up).


      I run Parallels on this MacBook and deciede to test the connection to my slingbox using a Windows 7 virutal machine and IE 9. Sling plugin  It runs perfectly on the Windows & virtual machine, no disconnects.


      I can even run the old stand alone windows slingplayer on the Windows Virtual machine and it doesnt losse connection.


      Note: this is the same hardware, same network, same Internet path. Only diference is Safari on the Mac with the web plugin disconnects saying poor internet connection after few minutes (2 - 5) and the Windows 7 virtual machine runs without disconnects or 'poor internet connection' issues.


      To me this can only be a difference in the plugin for Mac and Windows.  What am I missing? Sorry its jut a bit furstrating to not have access to the Slingbox.


      I am sure there are others out there running Mac / Safari and and connecting via Intenet without problems but sure doesnt work well for me.



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          doitt2 Newbie

          I have similar problems on a mac running 363 in any browser connected to a 500 on a LAN, as I have to endure frequent disconnects that require closing the browser tab to restart the connection.  It is not like the connection is degraded, as the stream can be over 7000kbps before dropping very suddenly.


          There is no such disconnect problem when connecting via an iPad.


          So it is interesting to see that testing on Windows revealed no issues.  So it does seem like a Mac plug-in problem.


          Also, the error code description for W202 is deceiving, as streaming on a LAN does not require the Internet, except when initiating the connection to the slingbox, so it is really not an "Internet" problem.  I hope that support will acknowledge this is a known problem under investigation.


          But I also hope they will introduce a way to avoid the need for an Internet connection at all when viewing on a LAN, by giving an option to specify an IP address or some other clever way to connect, as we had with the desktop client.  Or let us use the desktop client with a 500.  I would never use the browser for viewing if I could avoid it.

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              doitt2 Newbie

              After wasting an hour with a chat support session with two support staff, trying to get someone interested in a debug log, here is a log excerpt showing what happens when the browser dies with a W202 error on a LAN to LAN session.  Unfortunately, the support staff do not remotely have a level of technical sophistication to know that streams are not sent round trip to the Internet and back when viewing on the same network.  I was finally told that an engineer would review this if posted online.  Let's hope so, since he would not accept the log file directly like I would expect most tech support would do to escalate a case.  Of course, the problem with this suggestion is that a log file contains personal information that should not be revealed, like, for instance, the finder ID, so I had to carefully examine this before posting.  Hence, I have little good to say about that support channel, except that they handled themselves professionally.


              Notwithstanding the error every 10 seconds about low memory, my own available RAM was over 3GB (out of 16GB). I don't see evidence of a memory leak in the Activity Monitor, but it seems that something is amiss here.  Also, this steam of invalid argument and low memory messages occur all the time, not just right before a disconnect.  FWIW, I have a dual monitor setup:


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