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    Slingbox Pro HD internet usage


      Does the slingbox use any internet bandwith when you are on your home network? The reason I'm questioning that is because I' m burning through our 15g/mo. allowance on our sat internet. I don't use youtube much at all on our home network and my allowance is used up before half the month is gone. We do sling quite a bit on our home network on ipads and I' m wondering if that's using up the bandwith because I can't connect to our slingbox even on our home network without a connection to the internet. Is there a way to connect to the sling at home with internet disabled?

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hi mshartz,

          Yes, the Slingbox will still be "streaming" your content via the internt, and use bandwidth, when on your home network.


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              callanish Apprentice

              Wait a minute Matt, that goes against everything that we know.


              If it's within your house on the same wifi or wired network, the  only traffic that goes over the Internet may be the locator service.  Once you're streaming it's point to point within your home network,  therefore it doesn't go onto the Internet and is not counted as "usage"  for your ISP.


              Are you now saying the iPad slingbox usage works differently from a P.C, because home viewing from a slingbox to a p.c hardly uses any ISP bandwidth. I've verified that over and over again.