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    Philips HDT8520


      Has anyone got the remote control working for the Philips/Pace HDT8520? If so what code did you use? What about placement of the IR blasters? Is the IR reciever bottom centre on the HDT8520?

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          After spending all night on this, I found something that (kinda) works.


          You need to select Satellite > Philips > Other > Code 5 (Slingbox Solo). Code 11 also gives (very) limited functionality.


          This code is not complete, as it does not enable subtitles or the PVR functionality (PLEASE COULD SOMEONE FIX THIS!!!!) - e.g. the pause, rewind, FF, stop buttons are active but do not work. The saving grace is that the < and > keys DO work for time skipping.


          The IR receiver is at the bottom in the middle.


          One other little problem. I guess that the most common connection will be HDMI to the TV and SCART to the Sling.


          However, when using that setup, NONE of the Philip's overlays come through to the Sling. So you cannot see the program Guide, Info, Menu, etc. It is basically a very limited Freeview experience.


          If you switch the output from HDMI to AUX then you get everything, however, the image that is then passed through to your 1080p HD screen is just very poor 576i composite. There is no menu or IR command (that I am aware of) to switch output between AUX SCART and HDMI - you have to press the button on the actual unit.


          So it looks like the best option would be to buy an expensive HDMI to Component converter (1.5x cost of the Sling Solo). Not ideal.


          Connection problems aside, if someone could please modify "Code 5" for the HDT8520 then at least 2 of us will be eternally grateful!