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    I have a comcast DTA which has only a in/out coax hookups. I used to have a SB300 HD-PRO connected to it until it broke. It was replaced by a SB500 which has no tuner or coax hookups. Any way to connect the DTA to the SB500 without useing a old VCR?.


      I read that you can use a old VCR inbetween them but I have to use the DTA to change channels. The VCR would have to stay on all the time and be one more item to messup and be controlled Also, how many items can I hookup to the SB500? On the SB300 used to be able to hookup three. I thought the SB500 would be a better product but instead Sling box gave us a more limited one for the same price. Wish i could have gotten a new SB300 under the warranty.......disapointed Phil