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    Solo can't connect to internet


      I have had the same Solo for almost 5 years.  It has been on the same setup and router (only had to change one time) for its entirety.


      All of the sudden, Slingbox can't connect to the internet.


      Nothing on my home connection has changed.  My internet works whether it is run through the modem or through the router.  Gaming consoles work no problem.


      However, I can no longer get Slingbox to work.


      When I start slingbox this is the error message I get:


      "Cant connect to your Slingbox because it is not connected to the Internet.  Make sure that your Slingbox is connected to your router.  Then visit setup.slingbox.com on a MAC or PC connected to your home network.  Select "Set Up Internet Viewing," and follow the instructions to configure your router.  Unplugging your Slingbox for 10 seconds and plugging it back in may also solve this problem (7)."


      First, I have tried unplugging & plugging.


      Second, I have changed nothing since it worked last time which was 11-6-12.


      Third, I have the slingbox hardwired into my wireless router.  I have tried three different ethernet chords which makes no difference.


      Fourth, and most important, there are to red lights on the front of my slingbox.  One of them is flashing instead of staying solid red.  I believe it to be the network light.


      If anyone can help me understand why this is happeneing I would really appreciate it.  I setup my sling by myself and have been using it pretty flawlessly for almost five years so I am not a newb.  I just can't understand why other electronics are picking up the network, but the SOLO will not.


      I'm thinking the box is run its course and probably broke.


      Please Help!

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          My advice would be to follow all the fault finding articles and diagnosis, the soft and hard resets and whatnot - links to the standard troubleshooting articles concerning this sort of thing are pretty much everywhere and I'm sure will appear on this thread too within the not too distant future.  Should that fail to help however, I will relate my personal experience...


          I've recently run into the same issue with a 2.5 yr old Solo - the lights were on (ish) but nobody was home...  the network connection was at best on the non-existant side of intermitent, and attempted factory reset failed to yield results.  Just this evening I revisited the issue and came across a significant amount of information through various google searches that suggested faulty capacitors on the circuit board may be to blame, so being as my unit is out of warranty anyway and therefore my only other option would be, as I understand from my recent online chat session with sling support, for pre-paid support (and the no doubt subsequent hours of painful attempts at diagnosing possible faults with every other device on my network), I've cracked the cover open... result - 2 visibly blown 470uF capacitors.

          So yeah, I'll be replacing them tomorrow and fingers crossed, i can convert this doorstop back into a useful device once more...  I'll report back in the near future on that one.


          I would add that, being a trained electronic engineer, I am highly proficient in this type of thing and I would stress that I do not recommend such a course of action be taken by anyone who was not sufficiently capable of competently and safely carrying out the task - if you don't absolutely know what you are doing then this is quite frankly both a stupid and potentially dangerous thing to do.  Having said that, if all else fails, and either you or perhaps a friend or colleague are suitably skilled, it might be worth taking a look at the capacitors before throwing your beloved solo in the garbage.  Cos they are great... when they work...


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            Matt.Sling Apprentice


            We have an article that outlines most of the common troubleshooting steps for your situation: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000123.html


            Hope that helps out!



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                Thanks for the input guys. After some work, I think the box is broken. The reset button no longer works.  Doesn't matter how long you hold it down, nothing changes. Power light stays lit but network light dimly flashes. I even tried hooking up my box at someone else's house. I hardwired it into the wireless router and tried to setup but same symptoms. As I said before the box was pushing 5 years old. Probably going to upgrade to an HD slingbox. I am going to look into this a little more before I purchase another but I'm almost positive the box has run it's course.

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                    shaysfn Novice

                    Hey RusoSlingbox,


                    Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that your having some issues connecting with your Slingbox.


                    After everything, it sounds like you may need a new power supply.  I would recommend that you contact Sling Media support regarding this




                    The above link explains how to get in touch with our support anywhere in the world.


                    Hope this helps.




                    Sling Media Moderation Team