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    One device freeze and the other not working




      First of all, allowed me to say that i am in shock, really shock.

      This is the first time i contact for help from the "sling box" site, and up until now, i didn't need any.

      You're website is a big mess, lots and lots and lots of data just browsing with you're eyes and you don't even know where to start.

      I wanted to do live chat, it says it takes about 50 min waiting, REALLY??.

      I decided, well, i will contact support via email or something, like any other regular company do, but there is no way to find email address or such.

      Even when i did find "contact us", it says that it's a bad link.




      Anyway, i have two devices of slingbox solo.

      the 1st device works fine but i can watch only 5 min's and then i get "no connection found" and the device it-self shuts down and not working, the lights shuts down, like there is no electricity.

      I tried to do "Reset", to connect it with out the router, move the power cable to different spot, nothing works, it stops after 5 min'.


      The 2nd device, it's kind of fun.

      You connect to it to the network and it says he cannot locate the device, with or without router.

      When you can connect and need to configure it, afer reset, it says the device is already working and busy (?!?!).

      Even after all you tried and it kinda of working, the remote control dose not working, even the remote is working great with the 1st device.


      I'm living in Israel and contact "BUG", the company which i bought the devices from, they said they don't support nor giving services to "SlingBox" devices and i should contact slingbox directly.


      So here i am.

      Both of the device's are after update.


      How can you help me, please?.

      Please note, i'm a little bit angry due all those troubles, so sorry in advanced.


      Thank you.