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    slingplayer on iPad 2 connects but doesn't show picture or sound


      This week I got the slingplayer app for the iPad and an apple tv and have been having no problems using slingplayer to watch my tivo on my iPad 2.  I also had no problems using my slingplayer to use airplay to watch my slingbox on my remote tv (here in Mexico)  Everything has been fine for several days.  Now today as I was watching the video and audio disappeared on my iPad and I get the "loading" circle and the controls showing but no picture or sound.  If I go to a browser to watch it recognizes that I am logged in on my Ipad and I can disconnect and watch on the browser just fine.  Likewise I can then restart the slingplayer on the iPad and it will disconnect the browser session but no picture or sound on the iPad.

      So in summary my iPad 2 slingbox app will connect to my slingbox 500 but will not show the picture or sound.  I've unplugged my apple TV to see if that causes problems but it makes no difference.  I connect so it doesn't seem to have to do with Mexico (plus lots it has worked for several days and many people use the same setup here as I do without issue.)  Thanks for any help.


      UPDATE:  So I find if I change the "Quality" from Auto to SD that it will play on my iPad but the video will not go to through airplay/apple tv to the TV.  The audio does but not the video.  And setting Quality to either Auto or HD produces no audio or video on the iPad. (Note all other iPad apps display on the TV just not Slingplayer. However until slingplayer connects to my tivo it also displays on the TV then goes blank and only sound in SD quality and nothing in Auto or HD.)


      UPDATE:  Uninstalled and reinstalled iPad slingplayer and still does not work.  No Change.

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          ok so "Keith" (If that's your real name) spent 2 hours with me on  chat to try to figure this out. I appreciate his attempt but it was less  than satisifying but I think he did all he could do with the tools at  hand (Well almost.)  So his bottom line was it must be something at my  slingbox end.  Well that's all nice and good but the whole idea is that  you are not at your slingbox THAT'S WHY WE HAVE A SLINGBOX AS WE CAN"T  BE HOME TO WATCH TV.  Oh sweet irony.


          Anyway he verified my symptoms by using my credentials on his iPad and found that indeed it only works in SQ mode not in Auto or HD.  He could not explain why it didn't not work in Auto mode as it should throttle down but it doesn't it just hangs.  We verified that my local (here not at the slingbox) had more than adequate bandwidth and could play in the browser in HD quality but he claimed that didn't prove anything "as the iPad may not see it that way" and needs more oomph. (Not satisifying to me as I am getting 7+Mps down and 2+mps up here at my iPad.)


          Also in the browser I was getting 'optimized' bandwidth of 3+mps.  Keith said that didn't tell us how well the slingbox side was uploading.  (Again not an entirely satisfying answer as I assumed that measurement was some end to end measurement.)


          Also as mentioned it does work in Standard Quality mode but isn't smart enough to kick down to that quality from Auto (so I'm suspicious) and as stated other places apparently the slingbox airplay app doesn't work for SQ.  (Which is totally bizarre as not everyone has HD upload capability.)


          So I told Keith to do a remote reset of my slingbox and he said that wasn't possible.  IT SHOULD BE!! that's the whole point is that we are not next to the slingbox to reset it.  Keith said the problem was that if you reset it then you lose all of your setup data to my response is "well that is stupid" it should be smart enough that a remote reset is either 1) a soft reset which keeps the setup data or 2) it should trigger a download of the setup details which are likely saved by slingbox corp anyway.


          Also if their bitrate "optimizing" number is a valid indicator end to end then they should have the ability to request a 'speedtest.net' test by the slingbox.  Couldn't be that hard.


          I said that Keith almost did everything he could... I did think after the fact that what i should have asked for since he thought its my home network or slingbox was to ask him for the credentials of a known good slingbox that I could configure my iPad slingplayer to.  That would definately narrow it down to either my iPad/airplay or my slingbox back at the range.


          And so much for the phone support.  I've been calling the  1 877 GOSLING all day and they never answered.  Given that I had hour plus waits 3 times today and no one answered the phone that they must be having some real issues with these new 350s and 500s.