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    With poor upload speed: better internet viewing using Component or Composite?


      Hi there,


      I've just set up a Slingbox Pro HD at home for my parents who have moved abroad to watch.


      Setup has gone ok (eventually!) however I'm aware that our upload speed here is (for now) pretty terrible (speedtest.net puts it at about 0.62Mbps upload - that's taken over wireless so the wired connection to the slingbox is hopefully faster, but still).


      So I have a Sky+HD box hooked up to the Sling via both Component and Composite inputs. My question is: for my parents viewing over the internet, with this limited upload speed available, will they get a better viewing experience using the naturally "lower quality" composite input, due to it being easier on the bandwidth? Or will the "auto" mode adjust viewing such that Component will still be nicer?


      Furthermore, will the viewing of HD channels influence this? ie. will the HD version of a channel be harder on bandwidth / look worse via composite than the SD version of that channel would on composite?


      Thanks very much!




      P.S. I know you can switch between inputs on the fly and all, but my parents are seriously non-technicaly so, if possible, I'd prefer for them to be able to just always keep it on the one input for now. If it would make a big improvement depending whether they viewed HD or SD channels though then they could probably manage.