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    contacting support ?




      My SOLO has died. No power lights. Tried a different power adapter and no go. Nothing from it. It is six months old.


      I cannot get any response from the online chat support, no one answers the tech support phone line (multiple efforts of being on hold at all hours of the work day) and cannot find a support email.


      Any help from someone with another way to contact tech support would be appreciated.


      Mark in Maryland

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          Finally did get someone on CHat Line.  Maybe there is hope !  PHone tech support is again experiencing unusal call volume.


          Hopefully Chat support will get the issue resolved and I will be grateful.

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              Oops.  Still working through it.  CHat support cannot deal with the issue online and needs me to call the phone support line. They cannot answer currently. They will call me back in two hours.  So, story to be continued .... Katie on chat support was very nice.

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              same issues here - really bad

              I spent 48 minutes last night waiting for chat tech, he/she disconncted after 1 minute waiting for me to answer


              great idea, terrible execution, product quality really bad

              i have replaced 3 out of 3 devices in the last 10 months


              but look at the bright side - at least the new iPad app doesn't work worth a darn...........

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                  shaysfn Novice

                  Hey smetzger,


                  Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you have been having trouble getting in touch with our customer support via chat.


                  First, let me apologize for the inconvenience and the fact that you were disconnected.


                  I would recommend that you call into 877-GoSling(877-467-5464).  The best time to call is after 1pm, the agent that you reach will be able to help you no problem at all I'm sure.


                  Hope this helps.




                  Sling Moderation Team