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    If you are thinking of updating from SB300-100 to SB500-100 read this first!

    Vifa84 Newbie

      I recently purchased an SB500 to upgrade from a three year old SB300 to connect the HDMI and not have 10 cables plus the ir and power cable protruding out of the back.  Well I was disappointed to find that the quick start guide recommended hooking up your component along with the HDMI to receive "all of your channels".  At that point I was aggravated enough to just get an RMA from Newegg and send it back.  Incidentally, they charged me a 15% re-stocking fee for the return and shipping was an additional $13 so I ended up paying $58 for the return.


      After sending it back I saw the SB500 was stocked at FRY's and I know they allow 100% refund for any reason within 14 days so I decided to give it another shot and hook up the component cables along with the HDMI.


      Upon first powering up the box it takes you through an on screen setup menu, connecting to your network, selecting your cable guide, remote, etc etc.

      Then it checks for an update, which it found and updated the box.  I noticed it didn't have any video from the component input even though it was connected.


      After the setup was finished I selected Live TV and the picture came up and everything appeared normal, the same as if the SB300 was connected.


      Then the problem,  as soon as you connect with a computer or iphone a window shows up on the screen saying your TV doesn't support HDCP.  This appears on both on the tv and the iphone.  When I disconnected the remote device, in this case an iphone 5, the picture came back.


      I tried this on two Comcast cable boxes with the same result.


      Scientific Atlanta 8300HD

      Cisco RNG 150


      Neither outputs component video when an HDMI cable is connected.


      My thoughts are this:

           If the slingbox is not HDCP 2.0 compliant and it only works with some of the cable boxes, it seems satellite boxes are more likely to work, then why don't they just state that in the description of the device so people with Comcast don't order this thing thinking they will be able to connect a component cable , an HDMI cable input and a HDMI output to their TV and it work?


           From what I understand, analog component cable connections will eventually be phased out by cable companies.



           If you are required to connect component cable input and the HDMI output doesn't work then you are forced to disconnect the HDMI cables and only have component cables connected.  Then you ask,,,,,what's the difference between the SB300-100 and the SB500-100.


      Not much:


      1.) Video quality is the same compared to the SB300-100 when I connect both devices via component cable in and out I can't tell any difference viewing on both a boxee box I have connected to a projector in my garage and an iphone 5.


      2.) the SB500 has built in wifil which isn't worth that much when you consider you can buy a network bridge for about $50, which is how I currently have my SB300 connected.


      3.)  Onscreen menu setup.  This is a tossup... the onscreen menu is ok but I can actually set up my SB300 faster through a computer than trying to use a remote to type in letters via the setup menu.  Also, I don't see a place to change the output port, this could be an issue with some service providers.



      In conclusion:


      If you don't have a slingbox and you don't mind using component cables to make the connection to your TV then the SB500 will work for you.

      However, if you have a SB300-100 and you read HDMI and think you're going to make an upgrade, save your money or buy at place like Frys or Bestbuy that offers a 14 day full refund policy for any reason without a re-stocking fee so you can bring it back if it doesn't work..

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          Bazza Newbie

          I likewise thought I was upgrading until I saw the Slingbox video on HDMI/HDCP limitations. I have a new satellite box and guess what, the component outputs are gone! No doubt in time everyone is going to go the same route so the Slingbox 500 will only be usuable on those HD channels that do not have copy protection. Singbox say in the video that they are not allowed to pass the HDCP code because of licensing issues. Is this the end of Slingbox HD as manufacturers drop component out signals?


          I found other issues with the Slingbox 500.  There is no way to change the incoming port for port forwarding. The Slingbox sets this for itself. The videos suggest you can manually configure your network settings but I concluded the video was dual purpose referring to the Slingbox HD Pro. The only way was to find out what port the Slingbox 500 wants to use and to configure your router to use this port. No a big issue unless it conflicts. The only way to configure the local I/P address is by MAC code recognition in the DHCP server.


          The remote control functions do not all work correctly. In my case the + channel did not function. When I input remote not working correctly the on screen display told me to check the IR cable connections. There was nothing wrong with this because Power, - Channel worked OK. I could only conclude it was a software bug.


          My Windows PC Slingplayer does not support the Slingbox 500. Instead you are forced to use your internet browser, download an Active X component and setup and watch TV through the browser interface.  To see if the browser setup produced more options than the on screen/remote combinations, I installed the active X drivers. The answer is it does not. In fact there seems to be bugs in the Active X component because it kept hanging my PC (W7 IE9) necessitating a system crash to recover! It takes something to crash W7 but Slingmedia has managed to do it.


          For me the final show stopper was when my Slingcatchers would not connect to the Slingbox 500.  I have Slincathers on each TV so I have flexibility to watch different receivers on different TV's, a system that works well with the Slingbox HD Pro's. However on the Slingbox 500 the password function for the Slingbox no longer exists. This means a Slingcatcher cannot connect because it expects to connect with a password.  There is no software update available, so I had to conclude this is another milestone in the declining commitment of Slingmedia to customers who purchased Slingcatchers.


          Searching the "what is supported" lists on this web site I could find no reference to the Slingcatcher, which brought me to this post. At this point I could see there was no point continuing with the Slingbox 500.  I packed it up and sent it back to the supplier.

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            Vifa84 Newbie

            Additional Information:


            Tried every possible configuration of cables with the RNG150 and others, here are the results:


            • HDMI & Component input from Box to Sling with HDMI output

            Video on TV until connection with remote device then HDCP window pops up

            Channel selected made no difference


            • Component input only from Box to Sling with HDMI output to TV

            Video on TV only during setup, input scan finds video and displays it in the small window at top right but after configuration and selecting live the TV the picture goes black.

                    Remote connection works with video.


            • HDMI input only from Box to Sling with component output

            No video on TV or remote connection         


            • Component only input from Box and component only output to TV

            Everything worked the same as the SB300-100 that i Have.

            Video on the TV and Remotely.

            No visible difference in picture between the two boxes



            • Replaced the RNG150 with Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD and experienced the exact same results

            Told by Comcast in the Houston area that those two were the onlly choices for non-DVR HD boxes at the present time

            Also tried two other DVR boxes I have which are both Scientific Atlanta 8300HD's with the same results

            None of the boxes allowed simultaneous component and HDMI video output


            I talked with a technician at the Comcast equipment exchange store and he said that the boxes were behaving exactly as intended

            They are in the process of deactivating older RNG110 and Motorola boxes and forcing customers to come in and replace them.  He said eventually the component outputs will be deactivated as virtually all new tv's come with HDMI and in the event you had an older tv with only Component HD, which would be rare, you would be forced to hook up SD with composite.

            It doesn't matter where in the chain you connect an HDMI cable, if there's HDCP flags it will blank the video.

            It seems that satellite boxes have less HDCP channels but I can't confirm that, just from what I read.


            What really suprised me was that connecting the component as input did not allow HDMI output from the sling to the TV.

            Also, during HDMI slingbox configuration a window pops up for about 1 second that says turning off HDCP?


            I guess some people are lucky and have boxes that output similtaneous ouput but I bet more do not.