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    slingpox pro on UVERSE 2Wire Direct Connect via switch with two lights but it can't be found


      First after at least 5 attempts to contact customer service to get some help with a live person with some calls in excess of 40 minutes I'd have to say this has been one of the worst customer expericense I've had.  Shame on you.


      After that bit of venting.  Here's my situation.  I have a UVERSE high speed service with a 2WIRE routher and wireless device.  I have a line connected to the router and then that connects to a switch in my living room and sucessfully provides connects to my receiver, roku, sonos (muliple), imac mini, blueray player.  I connect the SlingBox to the same switch and two lights come on but it can't be found on the Slingbox setup form the internet.


      I've tried turning off my firewall on my PC and that didn't help.  I've found a couple of unknown devices on by 2WIRE network but it won't let me disable the firewalls on those unknown devices.  Not sure they are even the SlingBox.   Anyone else have this type of setup?  Will it work?  What do I have to do to make it work?