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    Slingbox to Slingplayer Mbps seems too low




      Just setup my Slingbox 350 with a WDTV Live all running locally on the same subnet (no remote Internet viewing).  I have CAT 5E wiring in home wired in each room all channeled into a central 10/100/1000 switch in the basement.  Both the Slingbox 350 registered on the switch as a 100 Mb device, as does the WDTV Live unit.


      From the WDTV SlingPLayer app, when I run the network software test, the speed out to the internet is about 15 mpbs and the speed from the SlingPlayer to the Slingbox is ~ 3.15 mbps.


      This does not make sense to me.  The WDTV Live and the Slingbox are on the same switch, both register at 100 Mbps, but the testing app only is registering speeds of 3.15 mpbs?  I tried swapping cables, rebooting the slingbox and wdtv live units, but I still cant seem to get anything higher then 3.15 - 3.4 mbps.


      Is this normal?  What types of speeds should I be seeing locally in my home between a wdtv live and a slingbox 350?


      PS.  I have run speed tests between my laptop and my home server and can easily get 40 mpbs, so I am confused about why the slingbox is showing such a slow number.


      Any help?