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    Mismatching info on my LAN vs slingbox.com


      I have 4 SBs on my local lan, let's say on and and .102 and .103.


      That's where they are, that's what the network info on Watch agrees with and that's what local portscans confirm.  There's no doubt that's where they are.


      However, the Support page on slingbox.com, while correctly listing out the 4 SBs and my world IP and their names... has them all showing the incorrect private IP address. 


      How do I change that? Or, can I clear that directory and have it "reconstruct" itself correctly? There is no option to remove components from that list.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          That happened to me when I setup my 350 - it seemed to store the local IP address that it got when first setup but when I subsequently tried changing it to something else using DHCP reservation it never updated on the support page, even though it definitely got the new IP address.


          I'm guessing it only takes the IP address the first time it's set, or, there is a big delay before the support site gets updated.