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    Slingbox set password force closes my slingplayer. Please help!!


      I recently purchased my slingbox 350 and everything was working fine until today. I'm able to log on to my slingplayer app (using samsung Galaxy S3) and view my tv for about a minute. After that the screen goes dim and then i'm prompted to set a password. When doing so, my slingplayer will force close. This continues to happen each time i logon and view for 1 minute or so. (using my wifi home network)


      I then contacted customer support who advised me to to uninstall and reinstall the app. This didn't fix the issue. I was told that my upload speed could be slow and to contact my ISP. After speaking with the ISP it was confirmed there was nothing wrong with my download or upload speed. It was at 23 MB download and 21 upload after testing. I noticed a person who purchased the app as well on the google play store having the same issue " Works great for a few min. but cuts out to "set password" no matter what you enter it will force close. Cannot use app and i need help"


      So i'm not the only one. Could you please advise me on what i can do to fix this issue.

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          I noticed for the samsung galaxy S3 the slingplayer is closing when the screen times out & that is what is causing the error. Unfortunately the max time that can be added to prevent this is 10 minutues. I download an app called "caffeine" which prevents the screen from timing out. This has solved the problem. One thing though is the menu buttons on phone will be lit up as you keep watching. This can eat up the battery life.


          Please let me know if there an alternate solution or if there is a plan to fix this issue. This was my temporary fix. I'd love to hear from other people who had the same issue and used a different solution as well