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    Issues with multiple SBs on the same LAN


      I recently installed 4 new boxes... 3 350s and one 500... replacing some older hardware.  It's all configured and working wonderfully, internally. There are two problems I'm dealing with.


      One is that the Support page shows these boxes on the wrong internal IPs. I'm not sure why or where it gets that info. Internally, they're on the correct IP addresses I set them to (via DHCP reservation), and Watch works fine, and the network status shows the correct numbers. But the support page on slingbox.com has them on totally different IP addresses. Is there a way to clear/reset/modify that page? Of course, I'm not exactly sure why "the world" needs to know (or care) what my internal IP addresses are... but they should be correct and it's concerning that they're not.


      Which brings me to the second and more urgent issue... which is that all 4 of the SBs set themselves on port 5201, and no matter of DHCP reservation or port-forwarding on my router (LinkSys RV082) can convince them to set themselves on any other port... the result being that I can only ever access one SB from the outside world, whichever one I happened to set to port 5201.


      The support people I've spoken to had no way of adjusting any of this information...so I ask here, if anyone is having similar issues and/or if some SB engineers are reading this and can make the adjustment for me. I'd like those LAN IPs to "look right" and I'd like those ports to all be different... anything... I'll suggest 5202 5203 5204...whatever, I can make it work on my router. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to change those port numbers that slingbox.com has decided upon.


      I should point out that using the older hardware (SB Solo and PRO-HD) worked just fine because those allowed manual configuration of all this stuff.

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey ACC388667,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that your having some trouble getting mutliple Slingboxes to work on your account.


          You can do manual port forwarding on your router, and you can use some of the following numbers:  8080, 5001, 5002 & 443, as well as

          the 5201.


          I do have an article that should supply you with more information and possible resolutions for this issue.




          Hope this helps.




          Sling Moderation Team

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              Thank you for the prompt reply. Unfortunately, it doesn't resolve my problem and doesn't really addres the issue.


              I'm completely clear and well-versed on how to do port-forwarding on my end. I have full control of my LAN and all of that is working just fine.


              The problem is that slingbox.com wants to configure all of my SlingBoxes to use port 5201.  I've read that article, but unfortunately those suggestions don't really work...and are primarily geared for single-SB users, not for those with multiple devices on the same network.


              Again, I don't seem to have a way to control what port each individual SB decides it wants to use. I can certainly adjust my LAN to compensate for whatever number they choose, as long as they all choose different numbers!  But they don't, they're all firmly planted on 5201.


              This seems like such a trivial, simple thing to correct... and yet the more I dig into it and the more I speak to your customer support, they're all surprised and somewhat frustrated that, in fact, that functionality that used to exist with all of your older products now seems to be gone.


              I'd hope to hear that this is understood to be a rather significant issue and that it's understood as such and that it's being worked on. For anybody out there who's running multiple SBs on the same LAN, this will be a problem.


              Hopefully, you'll tell me it's being worked on. In the meantime, would it be too much to ask to have one of your engineers sneak in there and set my slingbox.com profile such that these 4 SBs are all set to different ports? I don't care what numbers you use, I can make it work. But they all need to be different.



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                Just replying to my own thread -- it's been 2 weeks, and silence from SlingBox. I'm hoping someone there can speak to this issue, which is that as of the recent "upgrade", it's not possible to assign a port to a SlingBox. They're all on port 5201, and that's a serious problem when you've got more than one on the same LAN.


                On the older hardware, you could easily set the port to whatever you want. Now, you simply can't. Why not? And when will this be addressed??

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                    was there ever a resolution to this?

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                        Actually, at least for me, yes.  I woke up a couple of weeks ago to find that (magically?) my SBs were all suddenly on different ports. A few minutes later of configuring my LAN to properly forward those different ports to the different SB local IPs, and everything was working perfectly.


                        I don't have a clue whether this has been fixed for everyone, where SBs on the same subnet realize they're on the same port and adjust themselves...or whether my relentless whining to Sling support finally wore down an engineer somewhere who went in and manually fixed it for me specifically.


                        In either case, thank you SB support! I'm very happy and it's all working perfectly. And if your solution wasn't generic, I'm expecting you'll be hearing from lots of other people as well.