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    Slingbox will not reset to current router IP


      I have worked with support for over 5 hours over the last few days and still do not have an answer.  The slingbox worked for several days. The router was static during this time but for an unrelated reason, the router was set to dynamic. Realizing that the slingbox needed static, it was changed back over to static. Since then i have been unable to reconnect.  The slingbox registers an IP address that is incorrect.  I have re-set several times, the router is hardwired to the slingbox and i belive the slingbox is no longer working. i have disconnected the router, then the slingbox waited 10 minutes, connected the router then the slingbox and nothing works.


      I have called the router company and they tell me all is regestering correctly.  I have followed all directions carefully and have given up on support as they simply disconnect me when they don't know what to do.


      I am very dissatisfied and want to throw the thing out the window.